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HMS provides a comprehensive array of supporting functions to your business. More than 10 yearsexperience in generating targeted sales information and providing administrative services qualify usto offer tailorized outsourcing solutions to clients from Europe, the US, Canada and Australia“
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The Best Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

HMS is ready to help. Let us help you get organized with accuracy, speed, and quality.

Data Conversion Services

Converting a computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment.

Web Research Services

Helping you gain easy access to information related to existing and new customers...

Targeted Sales Information

Targeted contact lists will ensure your campaign is starting on the right foot.

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Though cost benefit is a common denominator for most outsourcing deals, the focus on cost cutting has now grown into a subtler issue. The reasons now are more defining, ranging from efficient management, prompt availability, flexibility, speed, and effectiveness. 

Delivering Results

Why Choose Hamilton Management

Providing high quality, low-cost services to clients across the globe. We understand the importance of prompt delivery and our processes are set up to deliver results fast and without any errors. Here is a look into the benefit box of outsourcing data entry work:

Time Savings

We have a sizeable team in place and can turn around large volumes of work within short turnaround time without compromising on quality.

Quality Services

We pride ourselves on turning around work with greater than 98% accuracy for all the data management projects that we undertake.

Proficient Data Management

Ensure systematic storage and management of your data across multiple platforms, so that it becomes more logical, indexed

Total Data Security

Our security management techniques ensure that your data is 100% safe.

Workloads Flexibility

A unique advantage of paying only for the amount of work done, with the additional flexibility of providing ready resources during heavy workloads.

Low Costs

You can save more than 60% of the cost of getting data entry projects done in-house.

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